Raw Orgional Drum Tracks by DJ Crazy Jimmy

The above tracks are recorded in my private studio. I recently setup the drums there in 2016 and these tracks are an test of the current equipment to see what the sounds would be like so far. Check out my other pages on this site for Streaming Audio Internet Radio as well as an list of Other accounts on the internet I have for my official sites I maintain.

Drum Tracks in Studio
Studio Drums Recording Music Setup

Really Excited – DJ Crazy Jimmy – Radio Me Live

I have been working on my website and google play store application for some time.  I have been working, again very very hard.  To explain why things have come to somewhat of a standstill on my development is I have been burnt out on it.  I have created an second site for just the music part of my development called http://www.RadioMeLive.com . I hope for the future to grow my internet radio station(s) to a point where I can start to have advertisers.  At this current moment I have no ads on the stations.  It causes me to have to put money in every month that comes from another source.  I will be investing in Digital Adverting over the Orlando market coming soon in the near future. I have been growing my baby slowly but surely.  I need to start putting ads for my smart phone app on the station it’s self to help promote a better way of listening than just the websites I currently have running to host the stream on the desktop and smart phone versions of the desktop site.  I have meet someone local to the area of Phoenix AZ that would be able to help me further my design on my site where I can hopefully make things more fluent for my delivery of the site.  I have the talent to do it myself but at this point and time, there is so much technology in the mix of websites now days I really need a few experts to help me because i’m already running as much of the site and content myself as I can and I find myself sometimes allowing for an outage to my site to occur because I’m tired.   I hate this, I criticize other people for their sites going down, but now that I own a dedicated server in the cloud I must keep learning new ways to manage the server in a form and fashion onto where I can become a leader in my ways other than using other services.  I really enjoy having music running 24/7 regardless of what I am doing in my life, it’s always on.  I have learned what type of music is more popular than others, and have learned that I need to foster that audience in it’s infant stages now before I start the ad campaign of three months on digital signage over a metro area.

I hope that things will come together quicker than they do at times but I realize there is not many people out there who have patience anymore, at least I have not meet them or if I do know people with patience regarding development they have not step forward to say anything about it.  We live in a world that wants everything right now.  I can say I feel the same but there is a big part of what I do that requires time, lots of time and time is money to most people., including me but at this moment I realize sometimes money doesn’t solve the growth of something that was an idea months ago.  Time will always tell, as an ex-gf once told me years ago., i concur.


Rock & Roll

I finally got all the streams ready to go.  All you have to do is click on type of music you want to hear on the main menu located on the top right part of this page., This will load a page for just the stream you want to listen to and then you will be able to hear the type of music I program for you.

I created a new website just to share these streams with more people in case you don’t want to tell others about http://www.djcrazyjimmy.com then you can share the website http://www.RadioMeLive.com which is the same logo you will see in the streaming box on each page for each type of music.

Updating Music Player(s)

Updating Music Player(s)

I have been updating the site since  I made an error with the programming on the website that keeps me able to update the site properly.  I have finally gotten around to re-configuring the site.  Since this is going on there is a lot of hours I will have to put in to make this site the way I want to.  Some of the streams are down for the count., but if you still have the address you can still tune in.  None of the broadcasting is down just this site needs to be updated.

What you can do is go to http://www.RadioMeLive.com and this is my site as well.  I started the site to bring more attention to my broadcasting.  I will make sure we return the stream back to this site shortly.  I did notice a change in listeners since I had to update the site in the past 24 hours.  I promise this will not last long and I will get back into updating the stream to where it needs to be before Tuesday.

Waiting on Google

Waiting on Google

I am sitting here looking at stats for the month. I notice how many hours the station has been tuned into and how many have visited the website, but I am now writing articles and know as soon as google re-indexes my website it will look at all the recent changes and post it live for anyone to search. The more words that are on your website the more places your website will appear on the internet. So I am checking every day before I really get started programming again, if google has checked to see the recent changes in my website. The last time it has updated to the world was on the 16th of April.

When I decided to work with a CMS that has a lot of Themes available to it, that means there are a lot of choices for me to search through and figure out how I want my website to look like. Also hiring a freelance person to help me with some technical issues is like pulling teeth granted i’ve never been a dentist, but I am sure pulling teeth is not easy work.

If you have a blog or website, the more often you update the website the more google will visit and search the site., I have not had google index my website since I’ve started to write and things like updating the website more often on a daily basis are important, but if you want to see results it takes time. Making sure that the information you are posting is relating to the site is also important there are plugins for CMS (content management systems) that will post articles from other websites that you do not have to write from is one way of providing information. I much rather come up with my own content because google has never searched for this article somewhere else on the internet only on my website.

Waiting for google to search my site is a pain in my butt, but it will all work out soon. The latest thing I have done on this site is create a Jazz station and it sounds great if you can tune into it and let me know what you think that would be awesome.

Rebuilding Rock Server

having fun Rebuilding Rock Server for DJ Crazy Jimmy Streaming Audio here I am sitting here downloading The music that was sitting on the music rock server and rebuilding the way the music gets to your ears. You may download my app or just tune into the website listen for a minute or two and think hey sounds good or eh i’ll go back to my streaming services., but rest assured that there is hours and hours of work from behind the scenes to make sure the server is delivering the best it can to you.

dj crazy jimmy streaming audio rebuilding computer server
dj crazy jimmy streaming audio rebuilding computer server

There is always more work to do and with my being in a situation where I have nothing but time waiting to replace my ID, Birth Cert and Social Security card because I lost all of those fun loving documents, I really can’t work while I am in the Phoenix Arizona area while waiting for certain documents to get back in my hands so I am here working on my servers 10+ hours a day. This is what I do music. Music is love, life and a language we all understand no matter where you are in the world.

I keep my head up visit my favorite cafe and sit down and program and work, hard at making sure not only the server is on but that it is running the way it should be and test my application on a phone or two if I can find someone to download my app near me to see if it works the way it should. I am always doing research and typing with headphones on my head, glasses on my face and content mood as I sit and sip on some Ice Coffee or sit in a library or even on the Train with my wireless hot spot.

If you ever want to check out my server status you can click on the menu if you don’t see the page “shoutcast” and you will be able to see how many people are tuned into the servers. Right now there are not that many people tuned in all the time but this is a growing process. Last year I had many people tuned into the server every day. I never lost hope on that happening again I just know that it will and if you build it they will come.

Please feel free to donate a dollar or two maybe $20 would be awesome if you really like the stream. It will help for development of the website(s) in the future each stream will have it’s own domain and there will be awesome website landing pages that is more user friendly websites. If you can not donate that is okay too just drop a line on the form on that page under shoutcast and let me know where you are from what your favorite stream is and if you have installed the android application and if it works good or not. Having the right information will help me understand what I should be working on every day.

I hope all is well out there on the search engine that lead you here and that you have an awesome day please make sure you tune into a stream of mine before you leave.

The Secret Law of Attraction – Movie

The Law of Attraction

This movie has really changed the way I look at things. It is so positive that I can not deny what this movie can do to the person who has no idea what positive thinking can do in their life. I watched the move a many times because it gives me a feeling that is so positive.

This movie is really not something you should overlook. If you have a will this presentation is part of the way to get you where you need to be in your life to work with what is around you. The world moves in sync with synergy and the path of least resistance. If you want something close your eyes and imagine having it, no matter how big it might be if it exists you can have it. Sometimes there are things so big and hard to acquire we believe in our hearts we can not have something but that train of thought is the exact reason for this movie the secret. You can have you do deserve you will achieve if only you change one train of thought at a time. Over time with practice thoughts become things and you will find how things come your way, weather you agree with this or not it is a basic law and works for those who abide by it weather you agree with it or not it is truth and no matter what you are doing there will always be the secret.

the secret book movie

Interesting times

I am here in the phoenix Arizona area and have had nothing but very interesting times here in the desert. I am not from this area, the past several years I have been living in Orlando Florida where I have been working on music and holding down a few jobs. Someone hit me on my motorcycle while I was riding on the way to work one day, and the settlement check was enough to fix the bike and take a trip to see Mom for thanksgiving out west. I got stuck out west because of snow across the U.S. for a few extra days that I didn’t plan for but that is not what kept me in the area. I moved to phoenix because someone stole my drums, guitars, bass, speakers, computers, microphones, studio gear and more. I lost all my worldly possessions and because I had nothing to go home to I settled out in Phoenix as the next city I will try to make things happen for me at.

I have been riding a motorcycle for 6+ years in Orlando and even have videos on you tube showing riding around the town. The motorcycle was stolen while I left for the trip out west. If you can please check out my YouTube channel I have videos of playing guitar, drums and riding motorcycle. One of my favorite past times from Orlando was riding while listening to the EDM station I have the music while riding a motorcycle there is not much out there that can replace the feeling.

Currently I have been releasing music on mixcloud and soundcloud. I prefer not to be putting music on those music sharing sites because it takes from this site where I have been working very hard on putting together the radio stream that I offer on the google play store and on this website. I am doing research into the best way to deliver the stream to you without having any problems. I have encountered a few issues as this will happen in any development of a project and work hard to resolve these issues quickly in a timely matter to better serve the needs of my listeners. I am surprised how many hours so far that others have listened to the stations in a combined number so far for being off the air for a year and getting back on the numbers are not too bad. I may never really release the peculiar numbers here on the main website but on my personal Facebook to my friends and family I talk about my progress of this site and the stream all the time.

I enjoy writing by hand with pen and paper. I have pen pals but some of the pen pals I do have are locked up. The best pen pals are the ones who write back. I have written people who have not written back and that is hard to keep writing too, but when you have an inmate who sits every day and wishes they were out they tend to write back. I figured why not write them, I want to be able to become good at writing so I can provide my own content to my sites without having a lot of errors or any such problems with grammar. There is only one way to gain that kind of experience and it isn’t by sitting there and waiting for the words to appear on paper. After moving across the country I lost my contacts to my pen pals and am not sure who to write to now, so I figured since I have framework on my website to be able to write to a broad audience I might as well write to anyone who will visit my site. I can imagine that google will also index my writing and perhaps I will gain more of an audience because of my writing.

In conclusion I just really need the ability to have a release. For me writing is a major release and music is a big part of it as well. To be able to write while listening to music makes things great. I also enjoy working on computers but really enjoy being outside more than inside. Phoenix has a nice park downtown area where you would see me sitting there near the starbucks drinking coffee writing or coding on the computer with my curly hair and headphones just working working. The hard part of the past few weeks is the release of my application on the google play store. I have no real big issues with listening to the stream on my own device but other people have problems listening to the stream and that is not why I spent money to make it possible for it to be on the google play store in the first place. I have been working on the science of rebuilding the app. Now I know why people refer to computer science field as “science” because that is exactly what I have been doing with the different ways to program the application as it is., there is so many different ways to program the application it drives me nuts. Well it is time to chill and relax I hope while you were reading this that perhaps you were able to tune into the stream and listen to some good music. either click on the “shoutcast” under the menu and fill out the form to write back or on the app click on the e-mail link to write me from the app, it would be good to hear from you.

Media Conversion

Pain in my butt – media conversion

Streaming Audio

When you get into streaming audio, sometimes things do not go as planned. I had made an error with the media on the server and some of the songs sound like you were in a tunnel listening to the music from a distance.

When you put something together for the first time or second in my case you will run into errors, trials and tribulations. For me the frustrating part is that I am doing the work of a team of decent IT professionals let’s say three people per week working about 20 hours each, that is where I am at with thisInternet Radio Station.

I really hope to gain more listeners as i grow the station and learn again how to put tracks on my server without error. I had an problem with the application where it was crashing for I bet a good reason but I was not sure what reason that would be. I have given some thought to putting together some programs on this site onto where you can download let’s say VNC for Android where I have my station(s) all ready plugged in ready to be listened to., at this time I have been busy with new code I want to roll out soon and now having to go back and fixing errors with quality of tracks. Another issue I have witch I rather not have to deal with is perhaps I should rebuild the servers that the music runs on because as nullsoft has closed production on their Shoutcast services as far as gaining an license to broadcast in .mp3 format is like pulling teeth I have the option to use a different type of server in my build to be able to broadcast in .mp3 format. The hard part of this is knowing how much more work I have ahead of me if I do this and I need to make it a final decision if I do where I can’t take it back, it’s just too much work to switch back and fourth if I need to in the future.